Monday, July 5, 2010


Welcome to Eurasian Energy Analysis. At the dawn of the Age of Hydrocarbons, two areas reigned supreme: the oil fields of Pennsylvania/Ohio in the United States, and the oil fields of the Caspian. The early American fields have been long played out, but the past 15 years have seen a new oil and gas boom in the Caspian basin. This blog will explore the issues surrounding that boom: the importance of the area, quantities of oil and gas, how the petroleum products reach the world market, and threats to the distribution network. The thrust of this blog is neither engineering nor economics, however. It will address the twin questions of how world political forces influence energy production; and, how energy production influences world political forces.

I invite you to participate in the discussion, by sending me items for posting. If you have details on the Nabucco v. South Stream competition, or the geopolitical effects of the Russian actions in Georgia, or Chinese oil and gas purchases, etc. here is your chance to share them with a larger audience.

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