Friday, September 10, 2010

Azerbaijan and Ukraine to attend Washington Energy Conference

Azerbaijan's Ambassador to the United States, Yashar Aliyev, and Ukraine's Foreign Minister, Konstantin Grishenko, will speak at the upcoming Washington Energy Summit 2010. According to the conference's website, "The Washington Energy Summit will examine the intersection between energy policies, resources and technologies from a global perspective...Conference participants will debate realistic expectations for energy supplies in the future and suggest policies that will assure global energy security.

Azerbaijani Ambassador Yashar Aliyev and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Plenary Session II may be of interest to readers of Eurasian Energy Analysis. It is entitled "Diversifying world energy supplies through global distribution networks" and will seek to answer the questions of how relatively new producers of traditional fuels in Central Asia contribute to the diversification of global energy supplies? How can government policies most effectively support development of these countries' resources for the mutual benefit of both producers and consumers? How do cross-national, multi-regional pipelines contribute to energy security? How can these pipelines be insulated from disruptions caused by political and pricing disputes?

According to the website Today.Az, the agenda of the summit also includes the role of Azerbaijan as an energy supplier.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishenko

Other conference speakers include US Senators John Barrasso and Bryon Dorgan, and US Congressman Charles Boustany; Petroleum or Energy Ministers from Angola, Egypt, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, and Slovakia; industry and think tank representatives.

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